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Veterinarian Near Apple Valley, MN

Apple Valley, Minnesota is located in Dakota County, MN, and is a suburb of the Twin Cities. It has a population of approximately 50,000 inhabitants, which makes it number 18 in population in Minnesota. Previously called Lebanon Township, this attractive town was renamed Apple Valley in 1969. We are proud to provide veterinary care in Apple Vally, MN.

Veterinarian in Apple Valley, MNApple Valley is the home of the famous Minnesota Zoo, which houses many hundreds of animals from around the world. The zoo highlights native animals, including beavers, wolverines, wolves, and black bears, as well as international musk oxes, amur leopards, penguins, and Japanese snow monkeys. Apple Valley hosts a winter carnival in February and Apple Valley Freedom Day on the 4th of July.

Apple Valley is in close proximity to several dog parks including the Alimagnet Dog Park in nearby Burnsville, and dog friendly hiking trails at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, MN.

Proud to be your Apple Valley Veterinarian

An Apple Valley MN animal hospital is located at 17510 Dodd Boulevard in nearby Lakeville, MN. The Lakeville Family Pet Clinic is located at the corner of Cedar Avenue South, which is on a direct route from Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Pet Microchipping in Apple Valley

This Apple Valley veterinarian provides a large number of special services for your dogs and cats. For example, we offer to microchip your pet, which promises a safe return if your pet becomes lost. A microchip is a tiny radio frequency ID transponder which is implanted into your pet. This microchip has a unique ID number on it that can be read to find out the pet's parent contact information.

Nutritional Counseling for Apple Valley Pets

Our veterinary hospital in Apple Valley MN offers sound nutritional counseling for all local pet owners. Our staff is happy to set up a special nutrition plan for your pet, especially if they are obese as a result of over feeding. As your pet ages, their diet needs to be adjusted so that they will remain active and healthy.

Veterinary Pharmacy Options

For your convenience, the Lakeville Family Pet Clinic has a completely stocked pharmacy on the premises to fulfill your pet's prescription needs. Our staff will fill and refill all prescriptions, answer questions related to animal medications, and also offer a large quantity of over the counter products. Medications are also compounded individually to match the size of your animal.

Preventative Medicine for Your Animals

Your pet will stay healthy longer if they receive regular preventative care from an Apple Valley MN veterinarian. We are happy to provide regular wellness exams which include a veterinary evaluation of any health problems, risks of disease, or any additional health problems of your cat or dog. We also will provide recommendations for your pet's vaccinations, dental care, and nutrition, as well as information and medicine for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. By receiving preventative care from one of our veterinarians near Apple Valley MN you will be doing your best to safeguard your pet's current and future health.

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