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Veterinarian Near Rosemount, MN

Rosemount, Minnesota is located in Dakota County, MN, and is a part of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. It has a population of approximately 22,000 inhabitants. The name of Rosemount was chosen both to match the post office name, which was chosen several years earlier, as well as to reflect this town's strong Irish heritage.

Rosemount is home to a popular dog park in the region, Dakota Woods Dog Park. Another popular place that Rosemount dog owners take their pets is Whitetail Woods Regional Park in nearby Lakeville.

Our Rosemount MN animal hospital is conveniently located at 17510 Dodd Boulevard in nearby Lakeville, MN. The Lakeville Family Pet Clinic is located near Cherry Berry and Cub Foods and is just a short distance away from Cedar Highlands Park.

Veterinary Services Near Rosemount MN

Veterinarian in Rosemount, MNThis Rosemount MN veterinarian provides a wide range of services for your pets. These include diagnostic tests meant to detect health problems early on, so they can be treated early. Our veterinarians in Rosemount are happy to provide all patients with state of the art technology in our 3,300-sq. ft. clinic. Our tests are administered by our trained and caring staff, who are dedicated to providing a family-friendly experience for all pet parents and children.

Our veterinarian serving Rosemount knows that regular checkups and exams are a very important part of the health care of your pet. By having regular examinations, our veterinarians can put together a baseline of your special pet's body chemistry and will be ready with the correct information if any potentially harmful changes arise. Lakeville Family Pet Clinic is the Rosemount MN veterinarian who provides outstanding veterinary and wellness hospital services for all cats and dogs.

Pet Dental Exams in Rosemount

In addition to medical services, our Rosemount MN animal hospital is happy to provide dental exams and services for your pets. We recommend dental exams at regular intervals so that we can put a stop to bacteria that is located underneath the gum line that can do damage that isn't visible to the naked eye. What happens during your pet's dental procedure? One of our highly-trained staff members will use state-of-the-art dental tools to completely clean the gums and teeth of your pet, and also eliminate all traces of plaque and tartar. By having your pet's teeth scaled, cleaned, and polished, you will be giving your pet beautiful white teeth, better-smelling breath, and you'll be protecting them from many illnesses that originate with poor dental health.

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Contact us here to schedule an appointment, which will then be confirmed by a phone call from our animal hospital staff. You can also request an appointment from our Facebook page, or by calling us at (952) 595-6500.

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